Workplace Amenities That Attract Top Talent May Surprise You

Not sure why your business isn’t attracting top job applicants, even though you offer a competitive salary? More and more people are interested in a comprehensive suite of benefits and onsite workplace amenities than ever before.

Traditional benefits are expensive quotes a MetLife study that 59% of Americans consider great benefits a reason to stay at a company, and 73% said work-life balance perks made them more loyal to their employer. So, what benefits and amenities do employees want?

Health insurance always tops the list as it can be impossible or expensive to get if not from an employer. Likewise, child care, which costs $211 a week for a day care center, and $600 a week for a nanny, can easily eat through an entire paycheck. Employers who offer onsite childcare are highly sought after.

Flexible hours are popular. Not everyone is a morning person or an evening person. Employers who offer flexible hours benefit from taking advantage of the times each employee is most productive, and employees love the freedom to come and go as long the work gets done.

Generous time off and parental leave are also popular. Being unable to be home with a newborn or a sick spouse or parent is a big reason good employees bail on jobs. However, providing a robust vacation and sick time benefit requires significant monetary commitments from employees.

Professional development is essential to keeping good employees. Employees appreciate the opportunity for promotion and job growth, as well as companies which promote from within before they advertise without.

So, what other amenities do employees want?

Along with these essential amenities, employees also appreciate extras such as allowing dogs to come into work, a stipend to decorate their workspace, and gym memberships.

Commuting is also a big expense for employees. Companies which pay for or contribute to bus tickets, subway passes, and fuel remove another expensive source of stress for their employees. Another idea, which is good for the environment, and ultimately much cheaper than paying for gas, is installing EV charging stations. EV charging stations make buying an electric vehicle easier for your employees, who can charge while they work.

EV charging stations are not only an amenity to benefit all employees, but help employers attract top applicants. EV drivers are tech-savvy, interested in sustainability, and better educated than others. A study by Maryland’s Morgan University showed a whopping 30.4% of EV drivers surveyed in the area have a master’s degree (the general population averages 9%), and 28.5% have a Ph.D (the general population averages 3%). Looking for the best and the brightest? You’ll find them in EV drivers.

Access to electric vehicle charging stations is a crucial amenity EVs drivers look for where they live, and increasingly where they work. More and more businesses are seeing the benefit of offering EV charging as an incentive to employees, and some are even turning their charging stations into a revenue-generating side income.

Blink’s IQ 200 Level 2, UL-approved, charging stations are perfect for nearly every business. Blink can help you find the right charger and set up a workplace amenity that allows you to set hours of operations, terms of use, and even remotely control the charger!

As the needs of the workforce change, companies that offer a diverse range of amenities not only attract top talent but show their commitment to employee-friendly benefits that are most requested. Choosing future-proof amenities that work for both you and your employees and will keep the best and brightest working at your company for years to come.

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