Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

A Blink charging station attracts EV drivers, lengthens their visit–encouraging them to purchase more, increases the frequency of visits and communicates to your community that your business is environmentally conscious.

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EV Drivers Who

Use Public Charging

Stations Weekly


250 Million

Electric Vehicles

Forcasted Globally

5 in 6

Americans Admit

to On-Site

Impulse Purchases

Restaurants that provide EV charging stations encourage diners to stop at their location, visit more frequently, and spend more time while charging their electric vehicles.

Research indicates that restaurants offering EV charging as an amenity draw additional customers who spend more time in your establishment. Learn how Blink charging stations can attract EV drivers and encourage more frequent, longer visits at your locations.


Charging Stations Designed

for Your Location


Attract New Customer and Create Loyalty with EV Charging Stations

Advertise Your Promotions and Specials

Blink EV charging stations offer opportunities to advertise and promote your restaurant through pedestal wraps or on-screen advertising, extending your brand’s reach into the parking lot.

Simulated Pedastal Wrap

Some Corporations We Power

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