Michael D. Farkas

Michael D. Farkas is the visionary, Founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of Blink Charging, the leading owner/operator in electric vehicle (EV) charging in the United States. Since 2009 Michael has led Blink as a driving force in the EV industry paving the way for growth and adoption of electric vehicles.  Prior to founding Blink, Michael has established a track record as a successful principal investor across a variety of industries including automotive, retail, telecommunications, agriculture, and aerospace.

As the automobile industry experiences a significant shift to embrace alternative fuels and electric vehicles, an opportunity presents itself for business owners and operators to incorporate charging infrastructure at their properties. Michael outlines the EV market landscape conditions and expectations and discusses the advantages of various business models used when deploying EV infrastructure. 

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Brendan Jones

Brendan Jones is the Chief Operating Officer at Blink Charging, responsible for sales, operations, growth initiatives and investments in strategic alliances. Brendan has over 25 years of experience within the automotive and EV charging industry, where he has established himself as an industry expert and a leading force in the development of EV infrastructure.

Prior to joining Blink Charging, Brendan was the COO of Electrify America, where he built the company from a start-up into one of the largest ultrafast EV charging companies in the world. Prior to that, he served as Vice President, OEM Strategy and Business Development of EVgo, repositioning the company’s model to secure multi-million-dollar contracts with automotive OEMs. Brendan also had a long career at Nissan North America, including leading the team that launched the top-selling all-electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF. 

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Rama

Mr. Rama joins Blink following nearly a decade with NV5 Global, where he served as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. From October 1997 until August 2011, Mr. Rama held various accounting and finance roles with AV Homes, Inc. (formerly known as Avatar Holdings, Inc.), including Principal Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer, and Controller. Mr. Rama has nearly 30 years of experience in construction, development, and real estate management. 

Chief Financial Officer

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