EV Drivers

Our goal is to provide electric vehicle (EV) drivers with the ability to charge their electric cars wherever they live, work, and play. By installing Blink EV charging stations wherever EV drivers park their car, we reduce “range anxiety” and support a zero-emission environment.


We are focused on providing convenient and affordable EV charging services that are convenient for EV drivers to find and use. We offer thousands of public EV charging stations located across the country. Public EV chargers on Blink Network can be found via the Blink Mobile application or our Blink map. Blink members can also enjoy discounted charging fees on our public, company-owned EV charging stations. Blink membership is free, so join today!


As an EV driver, there are instructions and guides that can help you enhance your electric car charging experience.

Types of EV Charging

Level 2 EV Charging (typically 240V, single phase AC input) is the most common type of charging your electric car available in the United States. Level 2 EV charging is used for charging electric vehicles at home (single-family homes, condominiums, apartment buildings, etc.) or public locations (shopping centers, hotels, airports, parking garages, etc). Depending on the electric vehicle's charge rate and the state of its battery, a Level 2 EV charger can deliver somewhere between 10 - 25 miles per hour of charging. Currently, all electric cars sold in the United States can charge using our Level 2 EV charging stations.


DC Fast Charging (DCFC) (typically 480V, 3-Phase AC input) is used for charging electric vehicles in commercial locations, as it requires more electrical infrastructure. Therefore, DCFC stations are currently not as widespread as Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations. While DCFC stations can charge an EV more rapidly than Level 2 charging stations (for example, a Nissan LEAF can charge on a DCFC station from 0% to 85% in about 30 minutes), they are not typically compatible with all electric cars. DC Fast Charging connectors vary by station. DC Fast Chargers currently on Blink Network offer the CHAdeMO conector, but there are plans to incorporate other standards, such as the SAE combo and Tesla’s proprietary connector, in the future.

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