Get the Fast Level 2 EV Charging Stations!

Drive Forward

with Blink

As more electric vehicles are spotted throughout Pennsylvania, the Driving PA Forward by Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is offering a rebate for businesses to help build the charging infrastructure required to support them. Blink is offering business owners like you, the opportunity to install EV charging stations for free with the Driving PA rebate, turning your location into an EV destination.


The Program

  • Blink will work with you to apply for the Driving PA Forward rebate

  • Blink will provide the fastest Level 2 EV charging station available

  • Blink will provide the Blink network, operational support, and maintenance for the equipment

  • Blink will reimburse the cost of electricity used by the charging stations

Simply contact us for full program details or to get started today!

Take advantage of this program today!

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are a great way to attract new customers, provide a better experience for employees or tenants while improving Pennsylvania's environment by installing

Blink IQ 200 electric vehicle charging stations today!


Electric Vehicle

Population by 2025

Positive Impact on Pennsylvania Communities

Reducing the Carbon

Footprint in your



Environmental Leadership

and Sustainable


Providing a Dependable

Charging Network for EV


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