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New York Incentives Make EV Charging Installation Easy & Free

New York is one of the nation’s leaders in EV adoption. Their incentives and sustainable policies make it easier than ever for New York residents to become EV drivers. When more EVs are on the road, having more charging stations for those EVs is essential. Blink Charging is a partner in creating a greener future

Parking Operators Embrace EVs as Both Sustainable and Profitable

If you’re a Parking Operator or Facilities Manager in charge of managing a parking garage, you know keeping occupancy levels high is essential to making a profit. Because they attract more drivers, including drivers who have more money to spend, you’ve likely chosen to install EVSE or you’re considering whether electric vehicle chargers are right

What is New About the IQ 200?

The EV world has evolved and so has Blink. EVs are evolving at an accelerated pace, and a few years ago Blink decided that it was time to design a L2 charger that is ready to charge future EVs that have on-board chargers able to receive even more power than the current average of 6

EV Adoption and Air Quality

We know emissions from vehicles cause air pollution, and that air pollution is responsible for breathing issues, illnesses, and death. In fact, the World Health Organization states that 4.6 million deaths per year can be attributed to air pollution. While no vehicle is perfect, EVs have been shown to reduce particulate matter in the air

Want to Get the Most Out of Your Tesla? It’s All About the Charging Station!

The average EV driver knows that different levels of chargers charge electric vehicles (EV) at different rates. A Level One charger, which may come with the vehicle at point of purchase, can charge most vehicles overnight, during an 8-14 hour period, at a few miles per hour, but could take more than a day to

How Southern California is Driving EV Adoption Forward

EVs are becoming more and more popular, and there is one state in the union that is leading the country in new EV and EVSE technology. California leads the race to make the U.S. a leader in the industry, as it has continued to lead green innovations and technology for decades. According to, today