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Why Businesses are Installing EV Chargers NOW for Employees’ Return to Work

According to the Bloomberg Report’s “Electric Vehicle Outlook”, industry insiders expect 57% of vehicles on the road to be EVs by 2050. The popularity of EVs and the number on the road rises every year. Nearly 2 million new EVs will be on the road this year, when just a few years ago, only a

2021 EV Industry Outlook

Welcome to the Year of the EV! According to, results of a survey show that nearly three in four U.S. drivers believe electric vehicles are “the future of driving.” It’s closer to 79% among EV drivers. While consumers become more interested in sustainable choices, it’s becoming easier than ever to own an EV.

Which 2021 EV Releases are We Excited About?

These days, electric vehicles come in many different varieties and price ranges, but there are plenty more changes for 2021 that the industry is very excited about. What are some of the most desired new EVs that will be on the market soon?

New Building Code Standards Will Require Wiring for EVSE

Your next home will probably be able to charge your car. As electric vehicle sales soar, local governments require builders to include EVSE-ready infrastructure in their new builds. Updated U.S. building codes are about to change drastically as soon as early 2021. Quartz reports that homes that typically feature one or two 240-volt plugs will

Mobile Apps Enable Drivers to Find Public Chargers On-the-Go

Own an EV but can’t charge at home, or need more than one charging location? Some new EV buyers fear they won’t be able to find a charger on the go, but apps and maps abound to help EV drivers find chargers away from home. Over 80% of EV drivers usually charge at home, but

Why HOV Lanes Were Ineffective Until the Electric Vehicle Boom

HOV lanes, designed as both a means of traffic control and of decreasing pollution, extend for thousands of miles in over 20 states. Traditionally called “carpool lanes”, HOV lanes require a minimum number of vehicle occupants for use during peak hours. They’ve always been considered a treat for drivers who carpool, and recently, for EV