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Want to Get the Most Out of Your Tesla? It’s All About the Charging Station!

The average EV driver knows that different levels of chargers charge electric vehicles (EV) at different rates. A Level One charger, which may come with the vehicle at point of purchase, can charge most vehicles overnight, during an 8-14 hour period, at a few miles per hour, but could take more than a day to

How Southern California is Driving EV Adoption Forward

EVs are becoming more and more popular, and there is one state in the union that is leading the country in new EV and EVSE technology. California leads the race to make the U.S. a leader in the industry, as it has continued to lead green innovations and technology for decades. According to, today

6 Ways New York is Promoting Sustainability

America’s biggest city is taking unprecedented steps to create increased sustainability in the state and the city of New York, making it the perfect opportunity for businesses to go green. Whether your business wants to attract new customers or promote your environmental practices, now is the perfect time to make sustainable practices a part of

Converting ICE Cars to EVs

EVs always prove a better buy in the long run, but what if the there’s a car you wished was electric but it’s not? Another option is to convert an internal combustion engine into an electric one. Sound impossible? It’s not, and businesses have been quick to realize the opportunity and help you do just

Best EV Charging Solutions for Low Budgets

Why should your business install EV chargers in garages and parking lots? Good reasons abound, but perhaps the most important reason is that it’s beneficial for your business. Cost a factor? Even small businesses or those hit by the pandemic can afford EVSE with low upfront cost solutions that don’t require purchasing the equipment before

La Importancia de la Eficiencia y la Velocidad al Elegir un Cargador

Los conductores de vehículos eléctricos saben que los cargadores de nivel 2 cargan un automóvil más rápido que los de nivel 1, pero no todos saben que no es tan sencillo. Existen muchos modelos diferentes de cargadores de nivel 2, y cada uno es distinto. Las velocidades de carga de estos pueden variar alrededor de