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Blink Network Provides the Flexibility to Manage and Promote your EV Chargers as well as your Property

Manage Your EV Charging Station Information

With the Blink Network, businesses can promote their EV charging station location(s) to drivers via interactive maps and mobile applications. Station owners can also set and manage their station fees and hours, restrict their station(s) to specific users, and customize station screen messages.

Create Users, Set Permissions, and Access Standard and Custom Reports

Blink Network allows businesses and EV charging station owners to create account users and set role-based permissions, including view and edit capabilities. Blink Network also provides the ability to create and export standard and custom reports, including detailed EV charging session data. Custom gauges can also be created for one or more stations for key metrics, such as greenhouse gases reduced and barrels of oil saved.

Remote Software Updates and Troubleshooting

Blink Network connectivity provides the ability to update EV charging station firmware remotely, monitor software updates and real-time EV charging status, troubleshoot station issues, and allows EV drivers and Blink Customer Support to initiate EV charging sessions remotely.

Support EV Drivers and your sustainability initiatives with Blink EV Charging Services!

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