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Blink Network Brings EV Charging Information to your Fingertips

Locate EV Charging Stations & View Station Information, Including Station Availability

With the Blink Network, EV drivers are able to locate EV charging stations, get step-by-step directions, determine the charger type (Level 2 or DC Fast Charger), and view

real-time station status (available, in use, etc.) on a rich and interactive map within our website or Blink Mobile application.

Become a Blink Member, Set Notifications, and Review EV Charging Session Details

Blink Network allows drivers to create a Blink member account, elect to receive SMS or email notifications about the status of their EV charging session (charging, charge interrupted, charge completed) and login to review their charging session details, payments, and greenhouse gas savings.

Multiple Methods for Activating EV Chargers and Charging Sessions

Blink Network allows drivers to activate EV charging stations via activated InCard or EZ-Charge card, guest code, Blink Mobile application, or Customer Support (888-998-2546). EV charging sessions can also be started  directly from the Blink mobile application or Blink Customer Support.

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